About me

Hello, I was born in Delmenhorst in May 1980, I am married and have 2 sons that I am very proud of.

I've been 3D printing since 2016 and have been making clay stamps since 2020.

I am a master carpenter full-time and always devote myself to mine in the evenings and at weekends

Small businesses of the 3D laser booth.

Our whole family is very interested in "Norse Mythology", the old gods and the Vikings,

That's why this is also my main focus in stamp production.

Of course, a bit "mainstream" has to be too :-)

I always try to determine a fair price for my products, of course one or the other thinks that

The material price is much lower, but I didn't realize what's behind it until I registered the business.

As an example: The printers cost money to buy, electricity, material is clear, chamber contributions, accounting, tax consultants,

Lawyer (even that is necessary if your terms and conditions etc. are to be protected against warnings, some make it fun for little people like me

pull the money out of your pocket.)

And I don't even count the amount of time I put into the development of the stamps, I also enjoy it.

And what's left over after all the deductions that I'm bombarded with every month, the tax office would like to have some of that too. :-(

So I hope you all have a lot of fun with my stamps, create great creative works with them.



PS: If you find spelling mistakes, you can keep them or report them :-)