Individual signature stamp

We can also create an individual signature stamp for you.

Can you tell us your ideas (in the form of a sketch,
JPG, SVG or PNG), please print your motif in beforehand
original size and take a good look at it. We often get inquiries
of a beautiful, detailed motif, and that should then be 8mm in size
become a stamp.

If it's just a black spot on the paper when you print it out, we won't get it right either :-)

Please always consider that anything that is much too small will either break off or quickly become clogged with clay residue.

Just send us an e-mail with your motif and size information to:

or via WhatsApp to:

(+49) 0162 3545022


With a motif size of up to 30mm x 30mm, we can offer you the stamp at a price of €19.99.

Motifs are easily possible, but due to the increased
Depending on the size of the material, it will cost a few dollars more :-)

Even with very bad templates, where I still have to edit the motif for 2 hours, it gets a bit expensive.

before I start you always get a price from me, and
if you order the stamp, you always get a photo with it
finished result before you have to pay.

please I run a small business and everything after my
"normal" working hours and on weekends, an answer may possibly be 1
It can take up to 4 days, but I'll definitely answer.

Custom-made stamps / signature stamps cannot be exchanged and will only be sent after payment!

PLA stamp

This stamp is printed from PLA using the FDM process. This method
is particularly suitable for initials from 15mm and larger. the clear one
The advantage is definitely the durability and stability. A borderless
stamping is 99% possible.

Resin stamp

This stamp is printed in resin using the SLS process. Of course there
We always have a reasonable grip made of PLA (FDM pressure).
to. The advantage is that you get much more detail in the motif,
but you always have to consider, even if it is still printable, if something
is too filigree it will break off sooner or later. Motifs from 8mm
Greatness can be achieved with it. The motif is approx. 2mm deep if
if you don't press the stamp into the sound as far as it will go, you can too
stamp borderless with it.

Acrylic glass stamp

Here the motif was engraved into acrylic glass (Plexiglas) with the help of a laser.
lasered. Here, too, there is a handle made of PLA. the
Laser engraving is suitable for complex motifs and also worse ones
Templates. However, the engraving is only about 1.5 mm deep and has no borders
stamping is not possible.